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Safety & Care

Our toys have been made & tested to meet the Toy Safety Standards AS/NZS ISO 8124.


All of our products are to 'ALWAYS' be used under adult supervision or by the adult, as they contain small parts. We take no responsibility for the item/s being misused. Do not make modifications, as each product meets the 'Safety Standards'.

These products are not to be attached or used whilst your baby is sleeping.

Please check the product quality prior to each use to ensure the item is intact and not damaged, as it could become a choking hazard. It is important to always check the product to ensure the safety of your baby. Please discard immediately if damaged. 

Never attach items with a clip on belts, straps or loose clothing. The clip is only to be attached to your baby's clothing.

The product will need to be replaced after 6 months, as we can not guarantee the integrity and cleanliness of the item after this period of time.

Do not lengthen the pacifier chain by adding ribbon, lace or cords. As it could become a strangulation hazard.


Clean using mild soap and water. Then rinse well. Do NOT boil or steam, as this may cause damage.

Dry thoroughly before storing and store in a dry place.

To ensure optimal hygiene, it is recommended to wash and rinse thoroughly before and after each use.