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Dummy/Soother Chain
Dummy/Soother Chain
Dummy/Soother Chain
Dummy/Soother Chain
Dummy/Soother Chain

Dummy/Soother Chain

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Safety tested to meet EN 12586 (2011-04) soother holder safety standards.

A practical and stylish handmade baby accessory that can loop your baby's pacifier/dummy into the end to keep it clean and within arms reach of your baby. You are therefore less likely to lose or drop the pacifier/dummy. Keeping it safe & clean.

This item is made with round natural wooden beads and BPA free food grade silicone beads. They are threaded onto durable nylon cord. The metal clip is a lead-free and made from a natural wood.

The cord is approximately 21cm in length.

Made to order requests are also welcome using the colours available.  Please leave a note @ checkout.


* This product is to 'ALWAYS' be used under adult supervision, as it contains small parts. 

* Please Note: Do not make modifications, as each product meets the ACCC safety standards.

* This product is not to be attached or used whilst your baby is sleeping.

* This product is not a teething toy and is not to be used as one.

* Please check the product quality prior to each use to ensure the item is intact and not damaged, as it may become a choking hazard. It is important to always check the product to ensure the safety of your baby. Please discard immediately if damaged.

* Never attach the clip on belts, straps or loose clothing. The clip is only to be attached to your baby's clothing.

*Do not lengthen the pacifier chain by adding ribbon, lace or cords, as it could become a strangulation hazard.

*Please refer to our 'Safety & Care' page.

The product will need to be replaced after 6 months, as we can not guarantee the integrity and cleanliness of the item after this period of time.

As the wooden beads are a natural wood without a finish for the safety of your baby, the colour and surface may have slight variations and marks and will change colour over time and use. This is to be expected.

Each item is checked when it is handmade to ensure product quality prior to shipment, therefore we are unable to provide an exchange or a refund if you change your mind, due to sanitary reasons.